My name is Laila and before we go any further, I'd like to thank you for coming here and taking an interest in 'The Village Banter', and whether you chanced here by mistake, pure coincidence or circumstance, I want you to know that you are unflinchingly welcome here

The origin story of the website is deeply rooted in the Support Group that I started from the floor of my living room in 2019, called 'The Village' which unexpectedly and in the face of much rejection took off gallantly on a trajectory of its own. Little had I known that there were other Single Parents who were just as hungry for love, support, and understanding as I was.

This website is what I like to call my drop-in-the-ocean effort to provide a safe and valid digital space for all my Desi Single Parents.

Space where we can build a community built upon mutual respect, vulnerability, and absolute adoration for each other's journeys.

Space where we can grab the neck of the narrative that rightfully belongs to us from the crushing hands of societal stigma, parental rejection, and bottomless exhaustion, and then breath new life into it with our own experiences.

Space that has never existed before alongside the running Hum Do, Humare Do ('two of us, and two from us') AKA the classic two-parent narrative that is currently ruling the 'perfect family' narrative from all fronts.

This website also endeavors to be a one-stop-shop for all Desi Single Parent needs. Whether you are looking for legal advice, mental health, affirmations, child-care, book/movie/podcast/music recommendations... etc do feel free to send us any queries you might have by sending us an email (which you can find in the Contact Us section), and we will make sure that you are connected with an expert.

Before I wind up, I hope that my digital home will serve as an inspiration and an invitation to you to join me in any aspect of the work that we seek to do here, that speaks to your kind heart, your thinking mind, and ultimately to your desire to make a difference and move the humane narrative forward.




Neha is a qualified lawyer who graduated from Symbiosis Law College in 2007.She now runs a consulting firm called ‘The Grey Matter.’  Neha is also a proud single mother to a 7-year-old.



Rani is a qualified Company Secretary currently working in the Corporate World. She will be using her expertise with her life experiences to provide easy financial tips and hacks to Single Parents 



Shahana is a 20 something-year-old who is a student during the day and a promising hobbyist at night. She is also a mother to a doting 4-year-old.


Easy Baking

Neesha is a Special Needs educator, a Homebaker, and a proud Single Parent to an 11-year-old. Her varied interests such as baking, walking, and reading keeps her grounded in her busy life as a working Single Parent. 

Dr. Niveditha


Dr. Nive is a dermatologist and venereologist, who is passionate about women’s health, youth sexual and reproductive health, and contraception, and seeks to demolish the taboo around conversations around Sex Education.


Career Advisor

Harshni is a sales professional with over a decade of experience. She currently heads Customer Experience sales for Australia and New Zealand for a fortune 500 company. 
She is also a Single Parent to an inquisitive 9-year-old. 


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