All I want for Christmas is… a Sex Toy!

I cannot express how super excited I am and how right it feels to start this series for Single Parents on Christmas week. 

There literally is no better time than Christmas to talk about love and gifts, right?!

Let’s begin with how the year has been so far. 

So, I know that this year has not been all that great for many of us Single Parents, as we retreated into more isolation than usual but, if you ask me, one of the advantages has been that this has thrown the focus on Self-Care, something that we tend to push into the back of the drawer a lot. 

So let us talk about Self-care and how we can indulge in some of it without the associated guilt.  

As free-wheeling souls on this wild journey of Single Parenthood, we must make sure we satisfy our sexual needs independent of anyone else in our lives. And what best than “Sex Toys” to achieve that? 

So, shall we give ourselves a little present this Christmas, shall we??

First things first! 

Let us familiarise ourselves with what is available. 

There is a whole range of toys available in the market these days. 

They come in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes, and cost. There are Powered toys that vibrate, move like snake in our hands, warms, then there are Non-Powered toys, the toys which have no electric capabilities like dildos, fleshlights, strokers, pumps, there are Anal toys specifically designed to go up to your bottom. There are things you can wear, strap ons, lingerie, ropes clamps, cock rings, cuffs, clips, harnesses, blindfolds, gags…etc There are also accessories like lubes, products for cleaning and storage supplies, games, and massage oils. 

Yes, it can be overwhelming, but take it slow.

Remember to NOT buy any toys for areas that you have not tried to previously stimulate either with your hand or by a partner.

You might want to start small and ease into what you’d like. Start slow and simple by knowing your body well first. Ask yourself and explore what gives you pleasure and then look for products that help stimulate that area.

They have a flared base which is very important to be able to remove the toys safely without them being stuck inside.

Once you have figured that out, it is then imperative that we consider some must-haves, such as ‘Do you need it battery-run, or are you happy to charge it?’. ‘Do you want it to be waterproof?’, ‘Silent and how silent’ is another big choice you will have to make. 

Narrow it down to your interests and buy small. For example, if you are comfortable with shower sex or masturbation in the tub with a shower head, you might want to consider a waterproof toy! 

Next, Do your research

Read about brands and reviews.

Let us be realistic here! The more must-haves you come up with, the more the cost is going to be. So, try a cheaper item before you decide to invest in a high-quality luxury product. Look for deals and discounts and save up wherever you can. Toys are expensive depending on the materials used, high-tech and battery-operated or rechargeable, how long-lasting they are. It is not a bad idea to try some household items to see if we like them, however, remember that they must be non-breakable and drape a condom on them, with plenty of lube. 

Lastly, Accesories! 

If Barbie came with accessories, so do our toys! 

The most important accessory, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is a non-scented water-based lubricant. Silicone lubes are a no-no, as they decrease the life of silicone toys and are not great for the vaginal flora. Anything that smells and tastes like candy, isn’t going down there either! 

When your toy finally reaches you, make sure to have a special home ready for them. A case, lightweight and portable is essential.

Also, remember that since Toys are personal items, some brands allow exchange and refund within 60 days if the package is not opened, but some may not. So please make sure to know about the company’s policy on returns before ordering, if you are unsure about the toy that you are buying.

Some warnings, DO NOT put any household item into your bum that is not designed to go up there. Fingers are a good start. 

Toys that are inserted into your genitals must be body-safe and non-porous. Pores in the toys are good homes to grow bacteria, however hard you try to clean them out. Some of the body-safe materials include pure silicone, metal, ceramic, borosilicate glass, especially treated wood/stone, and lastly ABS hard plastic. 

On the same note, please remember that you can transmit STIs by sharing toys, so if you are having partnered sex and sharing your toys, make sure to wash and use condoms between the two of you and also change condoms when moving from one orifice to another.

As the saying goes ‘The cooking isn’t complete without a clean kitchen at the end’ stands good with toys too. So make sure you clean them with warm water and soap, and wipe them dry and store them in their special little home only to be used for another gratifying, pleasurable and special experience.

Have a very safe and safe Christmas! 

Nive xx