The learned shame of being Single

Why is prioritising ourselves, recognising our needs and fulfilling them on our own, always associated with such immense sense of guilt, shame and fear? Whether it is winning something in school, becoming a career-driven person, earning a good livelihood for the family, or enjoying sexual pleasures, all seem to be worthy and right when it […]

Getting into the thick of Pubic hair

So what’s the deal with body hair?  Is it a “yay” or “Nay”? Let’s begin with a story.  I was once travelling for 6 weeks to the rural and countryside of New South Wales.  I got all waxed and ready for a smoother-than-a-babies-head holiday. (Pun intended!)   4 weeks went past, and the hair under […]

All I want for Christmas is… a Sex Toy!

I cannot express how super excited I am and how right it feels to start this series for Single Parents on Christmas week.  There literally is no better time than Christmas to talk about love and gifts, right?! Let’s begin with how the year has been so far.  So, I know that this year has […]