Rani M


Matters of a Mutual Fund

So, here you are with your cup of coffee skimming through articles on The Village Banter. You may even have a potli bag next to you in which you have saved every single penny that will grow along with your little ones? Well, well, instead of keeping the money that close to you, let me […]

Beti Ko Padhao, Beti Ko Bachao !!

Every year, the 24th of January is observed as Bet Din (or daughter’s day).If someone ever asks me about the definition of Acche Din, I would define it in this manner: “The day when our beti’s (daughters) actually march ahead and our betas support it with all their will, thrill and feel really chill. Wow! […]

The Financial Map for Single Parents

Let me start this long-overdue article with my reassurance to all those beautiful parents single-handedly donning the hats of both mommies and daddies. When a divorce is imminent or has already happened, one of the first questions that come into one’s mind is around money. How important is financial security for anyone? Be it single […]