What your parents should actually tell you before you get married

If you are a PDSM (you know, Post-divorce single mother), just like me and 13 million other living and breathing humans in India alone, then just like me, you too have gone into stages of a maddening afterthought, sleepless nights, wrecked nights, and hangovers in the lull that you find in your life in the […]

What they don’t tell you about Single Parenting

Since I wasn’t done with the things no one tells you about Single Parenting, I’ve compiled another list of a few more tacit things that are the best kept secrets of Single Parenting Dating becomes a real chore and sometimes a bore Dating for a Single Parent is such a volatile topic, that there is […]

Valentine’s day Affirmations for Single Parents

Dear Single Parents, Print this out and carry it in your wallet if you have to, but don’t you ever forget that you are worthy of wanting love and being loved by anyone, and not just your kids. And if no one else has told you yet, and for whatever it’s worth, I love you!

Super Parent of the Month – January

Introducing our Super Single Parent of the Month, Sumayya Thayath AKA Soopermommie! Do join me as I welcome her here as she shares a story of massive level-up in the aftermath of the dissolution of her marriage. Sumayya, along with her daughter, is the co-founder of WISH foundation which is an NGO initiative for women’s […]

How to combat the ‘what will people say’ fallacy

I know how hard it is for us to accept that the people who are supposed to keep us safe and protected, like our dear and beloved family and chaddi buddies for example, are the ones who will actually stand in line to sell us to the devil for their own validation and status in […]

Dear Single Parent – Are you ready to date?

The period immediately after one’s divorce/separation/death of a partner is a challenging time. I would compare my own experience to a plotline straight out of the American horror story. You know, utterly horrific and inexplicably crazy.  Even before filing for a divorce, I had completely departed from my usual self, and I was spewing pure […]

Single Parenting – A tale with a modified happily ever after meal.

Hi, my name is Laila and I am a Single Parent and I am here to tell you a happier and hopefully a more relatable story about Single parenting. Listen, I can still remember the moment, the time, and the date on which my marriage came to a screeching halt, and what I can remember, […]

How hard and lonely is Single Parenting?

‘How long until I don’t feel so lonely again?’ remarks Lola, a single parent of five years, to two beautiful girls and a newborn boy, wistfully and visibly exhausted from her day-to-day. ‘On some days,‘ she continues, ‘I just want to run away, and never come back… I honestly don’t know how long I can […]

Single Parentrepreneur – Neetu Taj with The Nth Degree

Nth Degree is a second baby of one of the main goodwill players in The Village, Neetu Taj, who along with her business partner, also a woman, set up ‘The Nth Degree’ as a platform that brings together Neetu’s 15-years of experience as a corporate and behavioral skill-based training to its best use.Team Village had […]

6 things no one tells you about Single Parenting

However it is that you came to be a Single Parent, by choice, divorce, abandonment, or by the death of a partner, one thing is undeniable.  Once you cross the pearly gates of Single Parenthood, there is no going back.  It is one tough sign up, one that takes physical strength, a rare kind of […]