What your parents should actually tell you before you get married

If you are a PDSM (you know, Post-divorce single mother), just like me and 13 million other living and breathing humans in India alone, then

What they don’t tell you about Single Parenting

Since I wasn’t done with the things no one tells you about Single Parenting, I’ve compiled another list of a few more tacit things that

Matters of a Mutual Fund

So, here you are with your cup of coffee skimming through articles on The Village Banter. You may even have a potli bag next to

Valentine’s day Affirmations for Single Parents

Dear Single Parents, Print this out and carry it in your wallet if you have to, but don’t you ever forget that you are worthy

The learned shame of being Single

Why is prioritising ourselves, recognising our needs and fulfilling them on our own, always associated with such immense sense of guilt, shame and fear? Whether

Beti Ko Padhao, Beti Ko Bachao !!

Every year, the 24th of January is observed as Bet Din (or daughter’s day).If someone ever asks me about the definition of Acche Din, I

Super Parent of the Month – January

Introducing our Super Single Parent of the Month, Sumayya Thayath AKA Soopermommie! Do join me as I welcome her here as she shares a story

Bring on the 2021 Shine!

Twenty-twenty is finally done and dusted. What an arduous year!Was there anything beneficial that we can draw from it?Well, yes, Of course!Our children got a

How to combat the ‘what will people say’ fallacy

I know how hard it is for us to accept that the people who are supposed to keep us safe and protected, like our dear

Getting into the thick of Pubic hair

So what’s the deal with body hair?  Is it a “yay” or “Nay”? Let’s begin with a story.  I was once travelling for 6 weeks