New Year Affirmations

2020 was a big year of un-learning for most of us and one of the main things that I can confidently say that we as Single Parents collectively learned was how little support we actually have.

It was a year of unprecedented isolation and in the absence of daycare and access to previously available support systems, we learned how to pivot calamitous situations and adapt to the new normal by depending solely on ourselves, and phew! What a drain it has been, right?

This new year let us affirm new habits and patterns in order to enable an easier-on-the-heart kinda life.

So, say it with me, this year I affirm to disallow toxicity emanating from myself and from those around me.

I affirm to live life more slowly, taking time to smell the flowers and drink the coffee while its still warm (Single parents know how long it has been since we had a nice warm cup without getting called on by our kids)

I affirm to persevere and constantly unlearn, relearn and live as an example for my children

I affirm.

2021, here I come!




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