Single Parentrepreneur – Neetu Taj with The Nth Degree

Neetu Taj of Nth Degree can be reached at or you can visit their website at

Nth Degree is a second baby of one of the main goodwill players in The Village, Neetu Taj, who along with her business partner, also a woman, set up ‘The Nth Degree’ as a platform that brings together Neetu’s 15-years of experience as a corporate and behavioral skill-based training to its best use.
Team Village had the honour of speaking with this strong-willed and friendly to-the-bone Single Parent as she took the time to share with us her journey from employee to an absolute boss lady!
‘As a trainer, I always struggled to find the right path and the right platform’ says Neetu ‘The ups and downs of my personal life did not help either to have the same smashing and phenomenal impact that I always felt that I was capable of.

After a marital calamity and the new role of single parenting, one of the biggest challenges I started facing was finding a flexible work culture that would not only appreciate my skills, integrity, and ideologies but also give me the flexibility of time to raise my little girl!

I did all sorts of jobs to get by while taking care of my little girl’s needs as well. That pain stayed with me through and through.
But Life, I tell you, has its own magical wand at play.’
‘I met Nisha’ Neetu continues, smiling ‘my partner at The Nth degree during the pandemic and we talked about everything under the stars and it was quite literally trauma bonding, as some psychologists would label it, that helped us bond.’
A highly accomplished and reputed employee of the insurance world but a divorcee herself, resonated with this pain point of mine. I remember she said to me: ‘Neetu, I’ve always wanted to have contact classes and teach people, children, adults, and everyone that wants to learn, no age bar at all.” and when I responded enthusiastically, it became an immediate match made in the heavens!
But we didn’t restrict it to contact classes as initially envisioned, now we are online as well. At present, we are a platform that’s turned all our career challenges into real-time solutions for everyone out there who is seeking to be a trainer or is one and is looking for a business model to support themselves from their own place of comfort.’

We asked her what the inspiration and motivation behind the name ‘The Nth Degree’ was and Neetu replied in her usual cheery manner that they aspire to receive and give the Nth degree of success and certifications!

What a splendid name and story!
The rest is on the way to making history.

Team Village wishes this utterly charming and dedicated Boss lady Neetu and her team at The Nth Degree all the very best and may they hold the flag up high for Single Parents and be the contradiction to all stereotypes!

Hear, Hear!

FYI: Neetu Taj of Nth Degree can be reached at or you can find out more by visiting their website at


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