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Single Parents are strange creatures, especially when it comes to their viewing and bingeing habits. You have to understand that we have very little spare time and energy to waste scrolling for new shows to watch, I mean, for the love of relatable television, when will Netflix (and all of its primetime buddies) come up with a search option specifically for Single Parents.
Oh well, until they do, Team Village will step into the able boots of bringing to you the very best of television, all Single Parent approved.
And by approved I mean, it has the right amount of mindless viewing time, sex, hot bodies, humour, and lots of ‘Yes, me too!’ moments!

So without further delay, let us get right into our first recommendation and it is none other than the fabulously relatable Mom!
Please note that none of these opinions are of a movie critic, just a bunch of tired Single Parents unwinding after a hard day of hustling.

Headlined by a completely female cast, with a great support crew, this show is a personal favourite because it covers all topics from Single Parenting, Support groups and the importance of it, Sobriety, the misery of dating, and the joys of finding love, terrible jobs and working hours… hell! Sometimes, I feel like the show is a reflection of my life!
Anna Faris in the lead role as Christy Plunkett is a delight to watch as the highly relatable overworked Single Parent, who now has to contend with her now sober but previously neglectful mother living with her and playing perfect Grandmom to her own two children, played superbly by Oscar award Winner, Allison Janney.
How they navigate their sobriety and the challenges of their life, with the support of their ladies from their AA support group make for the main plot of this show.
Watch it for the fun, the relatability, and the aspiration to be and do better with your life.
it’s not a very serious show on the onset, but it covers some critical topics in a very subtle manner, which is a real winning tactic over the usually patronising tones such heavy matters usually take. For example, I was able to really take on a different perspective on reparenting of the self and forgiving a previously neglectful parent by taking cues from this show. (If you want to judge me for inspiration, walk on by, we have very inspiration in the real world)

(All seasons are available on Netflix)

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this recommendation and also if you have any other suggestions for us!


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